(Source: Montreal.CTVnews.ca) –  Montreal Canadiens star P.K. Subban has been traded for the Nashville Predators Shea Weber.  Subban, a 27-year-old Toronto native, made his NHL debut with the Habs in 2009, and has played his entire career with the team.  He scored six goals and 45 assists in 68 games last season for the Canadiens before suffering an injury.  Weber, who turns 31 on Aug. 14, has played with the Predators since the start of his career in 2005 and has been captain for the past six seasons.  He scored 20 goals and 31 assists in 78 games last year for the Predators. 

 And then just moments later…

(Source: ESPN.com) – The Steven Stamkos sweepstakes didn’t even reach the official start of NHL free agency.  The Tampa Bay Lightning captain confirmed Wednesday that he has agreed to an eight-year extension with the team.  An NHL source said the contract is worth $8.5 million annually and includes a full no-movement clause for all eight seasons.

What a day for Don Sweeney, eh?!  P.K. Subban, one of the NHL’s top defenseman and Boston Bruins killer, is now off to the Western Conference to battle with Drew Doughty, Brett Burns, and Mark Giordano on a nightly basis. And the highly coveted Steven Stamkos who could have gone to Buffalo or Toronto to form a 1-2 punch with either Jack Eichel or Auston Matthews has decided to stay in Tampa Bay and allow Steve Yzerman to figure out their eventual cap issues. It doesn’t get any better than that for ol’ Don Sweeney. Hats off to him for a job well done in improving the Bruins playoff odds.

From our perspective the Steven Stamkos signing wasn’t much of surprise. Seriously, even back in September of 2015 we wrote that we felt Stamkos was going no where. I just wish I was in Toronto tonight to witness the tears.

But the P.K. Subban trade? Holy shit is that a bad one for the Canadiens. Shea Weber is a fantastic defenseman right now, and a cool dude, but when you have P.K. Subban in the fold I just think you absolutely have to hang on to that unique talent. Subban is now joining a defensive group in Nashville that is LOADED and he’s going to make it even more deadly. If the rumors are true that he’s a locker room nightmare maybe this trade is what helps Subban mature a bit. Seguin going to Dallas certainly helped his growth.

Shea Weber will do very well for the Habs but who knows how long the impact will last. Regardless, that won’t cut it for the fans or marketing department. He won’t be that explosive puck moving guy P.K. is. He won’t be the dynamic game breaker their fast team is used to. He’s not the piece they’ve been missing to get back to the Stanley Cup Final. Subban however is a piece that could put Nashville over the top.

For what it’s worth, if your a big stats guy, Weber’s analytical numbers are not only on the decline but also a HUGE downgrade from number #76. I think he’s a great addition for the Habs, but long term not at the cost of dumping Subban.

And probably the worst part for Weber is he has to go from living in one the most tax friendly, beautiful, exciting places to play in the United States to being in cold Montreal under an obsessive microscope. The guy could go have beers at his local watering hole in the Nashville burbs, or even downtown, and not be bothered. Goodbye to a wonderfully sane hockey market, Shea.

Everyone is going to have hot analytical takes on these deals for days but mine is really just from the Bruins perspective. It’s kind of sad to say that because of other teams dealings the Bruins outlook has improved somewhat. In a sense (and a little unfortunately) it kind of buys Don Sweeney a little bit of time. Despite Tampa’s recent success no one wanted the Stammer/Matthews match up problem for the next 10 years. No one in Boston wants to deal with, on AND off the ice, P.K. Subban 8-9 times a year plus the playoffs for the next decade either. The Bruins just received a couple nice favors from other GM’s.

So it’s your turn, Donnie. What are you going to do?

Probably not much now that the market is going to be drying up very quickly. And Jimmy Vesey doesn’t count as your get if he comes to Boston in August.