(Source: YahooSports.com) – The New Jersey Devils and Edmonton Oilers completed a head-scratching blockbuster trade on Wednesday that caught the NHL world by surprise.  The Oilers sent former No. 1 pick Taylor Hall to the Devils in exchange for defenseman Adam Larsson

I’m sorry but when I first saw this trade today while I was trudging through work I laughed out loud.  I laughed my ass off.  This is amazing.  But honestly, I’m not surprised.  I guess some people do not learn from their mistakes.

Oilers fans, I know how you are feeling.  I really do.  As a Bruins fan I have seen this Peter Chiarelli directed movie before.

This is one of the most baffling trades I have seen other than that time Peter Chiarelli traded another young star in the making.  I do not want to take anything away from Adam Larsson because he is a good player, but whether it’s the eye test or analytical test, his value is not on the same level as Taylor Hall.  Not even close.  And this was a straight up one-for-one trade.  No picks involed, no salary retained, no bells and whistles.  Larsson is not the puck moving defenseman type Chiarelli thinks he is.

New Jersey Devils general manager Ray Shero must practice witchcraft because I do not know how else he would be able to fleece another grown man like this.

It is amazing to me that Peter Chiarelli has now traded both the 1st and 2nd overall picks in the 2010 draft, got absolutely crushed in both deals, and stayed employed long enough to talk about each deal publicly.  Not many GM’s get to have either a 1st overall or a 2nd overall pick on their teams, let alone trade both of them for nickels.  He’s also traded for the 2010 6th overall pick, Brett Connolly, when he was Bruins GM and that turned into a bust.  It’s getting hard to top his moves.

No wonder Don Sweeney and the Boston Bruins are having a difficult time with their asset management.  Most of that staff learned from Chiarelli.

With the rumors of Milan Lucic signing with the Oilers the Hall trade became somewhat predictable.  A lot of cap space would be tied up in that position and something would have to give.  So Chiarelli is trading away a 24-year-old STUD left wing and replacing him with a 28-year-old left wing who, if he’s lucky, will score 20 goals and land in the 50 point range.  Hall is a player that scored 80 points two seasons ago at 22.  Lucic has never even sniffed 80 points.  In fact, the highest point total Lucic has scored in a season was 62 and that was five years ago.  What planet are we on?

But ya know Chiarelli has always preferred older veterans over youth.  He is doing in Edmonton what he did in Boston.  He’s now given Andrej Sekera a lottery ticket, he invested heavily in a career backup goalie in Cam Talbot, he dumped valuable assets where one turned into Toronto’s 2015 16th overall pick Mathew Barzal, and now this.  And this puts a good player like Adam Larsson in a bad spot because now he’s the guy who was traded for Taylor Hall.  He’s a good player who will now play under that lobsided cloud and constant reminders of #4.  How is ol’ GM Pete still employed?

Chiarelli fell into Connor McDavid last year, and last week he fell into Jesse Puljujarvi at the 2016 draft.  But Edmonton is still going to be a dumpster fire of a team.

I can’t wait in two years when McDavid becomes a restricted free agent.  We’ll see that face he made when he found out Edmonton won the lottery in his draft year.  He’ll tell the Oilers to pound sand and Chiarelli will rob some team of their 3rd defenseman, straight up for #97 in blockbuster deal.