(Source: WEEI.com) – “During negotiations, Eriksson’s camp made it clear that they felt worthy of a six-year, $36-million deal. According to a source familiar with the negotiations, the Bruins’ final offer to Eriksson was for five years with a cap hit in the low $5-million range. Eriksson ended up getting six and $6 million annually from the Canucks, with the Bruins finalizing a five-year deal with the same average annual value for 32-year-old David Backes shortly after. Eriksson got nearly $30 million of his deal in signing bonus money.”

Sweet Lou, I’m going to miss you.

I really am.  I championed this guy from day one.  I was the unofficial Loui Eriksson Fan Club president, New England chapter of course.  He really did everything right.  There wasn’t (and still isn’t) a Bruin with the stick skill and hand-eye ability in close around the net like Loui.

Concussions derailed his arrival to Boston after the Tyler Seguin trade and had those cheap shots not occurred (thanks to John Scott and Brooks Orpik) I really do think Loui would be a Bruin today.  He would have maintained his 30-goal norm from Dallas, like he got back to last season, and any health concerns would be gone.

Now the Tyler Seguin trade is officially closed as the worst Bruins trade of all-time.  If Don Sweeney hadn’t had the Jacobs family firmly planted up his ass about having to make the playoffs last season then the Don could have traded Loui away to a better team and received a significant package in return.  And with all due respect to Charlie McAvoy, because I really like him, the Bruins could have picked in the top 10 of the draft.  But instead Loui was allowed to walk for nothing and he’s chosen Vancouver over Boston for an extra year of term and about $11 million more in money.  Hard to fault him for that.

So I’ll miss you, Loui.  I’ll miss that sick hair.  I’ll miss that sweet mustache.  I’ll miss your finish.  I won’t miss the massive amounts of annoying “hit him!!!” Bruins fans who took out their hatred of managements’ actions on you.

Enjoy Vancouver, hopefully more 30-goal seasons, and may the Canucks continue their Stanley Cup drought.