(Source: CSNNE.com) – “It’s a team (the Boston Bruins) that I’ve rooted for all my life, and it’s a team that I watched win the Stanley Cup in 2011,” said Vesey, who finished with 24 goals and 46 points in 33 games with the Crimson as a senior last season…..  I was a huge Joe Thornton fan growing up. He wore No. 19. I wear No. 19. He was my favorite player. I got to know Torey Krug a little bit through playing with him at the world championships last year. So it would be really cool to play with Torey and put on the Bruins jersey. It’s the team that I’ve watched for my whole life….. To a little bit of an extent I’m a homebody and I definitely have a big crew of family and friends in the Boston area, so it would be comforting to have them around.”

Well color me surprise.  I (and most) didn’t see this one coming.  Neither did Boston, Buffalo, New Jersey or Chicago.  Jimmy Vesey is going to the New York Rangers.

This is definitely an interesting choice for the Hobey Baker Award winner.  He’s a Massachusetts native who has loved the Boston Bruins his entire life, grew up playing in their backyard, and he could have started his career playing the wing everyday with a Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci, or David Backes.  His superstar bound buddy Jack Eichel is blazing a new path in Buffalo with a solid youthful core on the rise around him.  New Jersey now has Taylor Hall scoring in front of Cory Schneider and look headed in the right direction.  And of course Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, with their combined 6 Stanley Cup rings, were courting him to come to the city that wins and makes depth players filthy rich.  But Vesey opted for the Rangers.

There are certainly worse teams to sign with than New York.  The Rangers been a legit contender in the east for the last 4-5 seasons.  But the Rangers do currently sit on the back end of their Cup runs.  Maybe Vesey is the guy that can keep them in the hunt as they try to repair their defense, and salary cap hits, while Henrik ages and Rick Nash’s contract gives them nightmares.

To me, the one on-ice plus that stands out is the Rangers probably offer the most amount of top-6 ice time in a major market.  Dealing valuable draft picks and depleting their farm system year after year without the Stanley Cup ring to show for it has hurt the Rangers chances at sustaining their deep playoff runs.  They need Vesey more than the other suitors and they need him now.  And that, combined with New York City being a great place to be an NHLer where Massholes aren’t calling you out everyday, may have been what did it for the kid.

As far the power play goes, Brad Marchand has scored a ton of goals for the Bruins over the years and sometimes he’s not even on the power play or even put in shootouts. David Pastrnak and his unreal wrister continues to be left on the bench with the extra attacker as well.  In Chicago they already boast a loaded power play and those minutes could have been limited as well.  In New York, Vesey is a lock to be a Rangers power play man.

At the end of the day we don’t know what kind of NHL player Vesey is going to be.  Maybe this whole story ends up being about an average player.  This soap opera has certainly left him with an interesting look as it grew in magnitude and has now placed a bright spotlight on him whether he likes it or not.  Now that it’s finally ended and you look back at his options, how much his paycheck would be taxed, the climate and lifestyle, playing time and opportunity to win… His best choice all along would have been the team that had him in the first place; the Nashville Predators.