(Source: Loudwire.com) – The new documentary “Ice Guardians” journeys into the lives of those who perform undoubtedly the toughest job within the National Hockey League today: The enforcer, an unofficial role whose job it is to deter and respond to violent play by the opposition.  “Ice Guardians” profiles numerous NHL legends in order to move beyond the controversy and into the reality, revealing the humanity behind a position that struggles to maintain its existence.  The film will have its world premiere in Toronto on September 12th, which will be followed by a wider theatrical release in the United States in September and October.

Son of a bitch I can’t wait for this.  Fighting has taken a lot of shit over the years, from the “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out” days to the current NHL where fights are few and far between.  It’s changed so much over the years yet will always remain a divisive topic.  But regardless of your opinion on dropping the gloves I think everyone who likes hockey will tune in to “Ice Guardians”. 

What will make this documentary sing is the premise that it will present the humanity behind the players who take on the hard job of enforcer.  It won’t just show fights and glorify it.  We’ll get to see things up close and personal, behind the scenes.

Check out the trailer above.  It already has me excited.  I may have to take up fighting now in hopes of landing a spot in the sequel; “Part-Time Beer League Guardians”.