(Source: WEEI.com) – “I’m not really disappointed with that guy (Vesey),” Krejci said Monday of the Rangers rookie. “Obviously I heard he’s a good player, but he has to prove himself on the NHL level.”

“I was more disappointed we weren’t able to keep Loui.  I felt like we had some good chemistry going, so that was kind of a tough time to see [Eriksson] go, but I’ve gotten kind of used to seeing my favorite guys going away — Milan, Nathan, Iggy,” Krejci said. “I’m going to have to just play my game and try to find chemistry with whoever’s going to be on my line.”

Brrrrrrr, is it chilly in here or is it just the ice cold daggers David Krejci is throwing around?  Those were some pretty fantastic soundbites from 46 that I’m sure wannabe GM Charlie Jacobs enjoyed hearing.

Either way, Krejci doesn’t give a shit about Jimmy Vesey and he clearly is none too psyched about losing some key linemates over the years.

And he shouldn’t be. He was honest and candid, something we rarely see from athletes today.  Let’s not forget a couple of the names he dropped, Milan Lucic and Nathan Horton, were his co-pilots in 2011 and they won a Cup together.  You’ll always feel the sting a bit more when a liney you accomplished the ultimate with moves on.

But let’s not be too dramatic.  Horton’s career was over shortly after his departure, Lucic became far less effective and needed a change of scenery, and Iginla… well that was just shitty management that more importantly cost the Bruins Johnny Boychuk.  Change is constant in the NHL and outside of the top 1% of its players no job is safe.  It’s a meat market.  So David Krejci shouldn’t be surprised when any of these type of changes happen.

Do I think Krejci hates the moves that have happened?  Yes.  Did he mean to take a shot at management with his comments?  I don’t think so.  Just like Tuukka Rask post game, I think we just got some good honest insight from one of the world’s best.  If Jaromir Jagr had the same quotes we’d be cracking up over them.

Except Jagr wouldn’t say it because he’s also another teammate Krejci lost as well.