(Source: WEEI) – On Tuesday, the CEO may have spilled the beans.  Participating in the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund radio telethon, Charlie Jacobs used the Bruins’ depth at center — naming Backes and not incumbent third-line pivot Ryan Spooner — as a primary reason as to why he feels the Bruins will be improved this season.

“We’ve got Bergeron, [David] Krejci and Backes as our first three centers. Think about that,” Jacobs said. “I don’t know if there’s a team in the Eastern Conference that is [as] three-deep at center.”

Furthermore, Jacobs said that Backes’ presence will allow the Bruins, who finished fifth in goals scored last season thanks in part to Eriksson’s 30, to boast one of the best offenses in the league.

“This may be a stretch, but think about what Pittsburgh had down the middle, and they supplemented it with just about a rookie on just about every line with the exception of the HBK line and went on to win the Cup last year,” Jacobs said.

First of all, I would really appreciate if the CEO of the Boston Bruins would not pipe up regarding player personnel on the radio.  Actually, I would really appreciate if old Chuckie boy would stay as far away as possible when player personnel conversations and meetings are taking place.

The only thing I want Charlie to be doing is cutting the checks.  Leave the lineup decisions to the coaching staff and the hockey operations department.  As a Bruins fan I do not want the Bruins turning into the “Dallas Cowboys On Ice” with ownership making the player personnel decisions.  How well has that worked out for them?

It is so easy to answer any personnel question as the CEO.  All he had to say was the standard “we will let the coaching staff and hockey ops determine where people are going to play.”  The last thing I want is for the Bruins to have an owner/CEO acting like my favorite team is his Yahoo Fantasy club.

Charlie Jacobs is a bumbling fool.  Did you see how he announced the two first round draft picks back in June?  See below for an example of what I mean when he tried to announce the Charlie McAvoy pick.

However what maybe bugs me the most is that it seems like there is no accountability in the Bruins front office.  Charlie Jacobs says Cam Neely runs the Bruins’ Hockey Operations Department.  Cam says Don Sweeney is the decision maker.  So who is actually running the Hockey Operations Department?  All I know is it should not be Charlie Jacobs.  He was put into this position by his daddy, Owner Jeremy Jacobs.

I truly hope that this is not a sign of what is to come in the future, or what has been going on all along, with the Bruins management.  It just makes you wonder with all the heat Sweeney has rightfully taken if he’s even the one making the decisions or if he’s a puppet.  The owners son, gifted a CEO position, needs to stay out of making suggestions and leave it up to the guys who have spent their entire lives in the hockey business.