(Source: Bruins.NHL.com) – The Boston Bruins announced today, September 5, that forward prospect Zach Senyshyn underwent a successful appendectomy on Sunday, September 4. Senyshyn will not participate in Bruins rookie camp, but he will report to Boston for Bruins main training camp (his participation level is undetermined at this time).

Bummer.  I was really looking forward to seeing Zachary Senyshyn give it a good run this summer and force the Bruins to make a tough decision about him making their opening night roster or not.  But after missing development camp because of mono and now an appendectomy ruining a large portion of his September, it seems he’s most likely headed back to the OHL this fall.

Which isn’t a terrible thing after all.  Another year of seasoning before playing in the NHL won’t exactly ruin the kid.  Senyshyn was looked at as a reach when the Bruins took him in the first round of the 2015 draft, yet he answered the pressure of that selection by putting up a remarkable 45 goals in a great season for the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds.  Not only did that generate a buzz about his game, but it also made people seriously wonder could he make the Bruins roster in 2016 as a 19-year-old?  For most the answer was still no.

Senyshyn is still viewed as a long shot to make the Bruins roster and doesn’t need to feel the pressure of being rushed into the NHL and can get 100% healthy after two random health issues.  I think we were all just hoping to see him fresh and competing with the confidence of his recent big season behind him.  There is always the outside chance he lights it up at the Bruins training camp but don’t hold your breath.

What sucks more about this situation is Senyshyn would probably be better served playing in the AHL this season rather than put up a near 100 point season in his sleep in Canadian junior.  But the stupid rules don’t allow him to go play in the AHL.  For Senyshyn, he’s the prototypical CHL tweener not challenged enough by going back to the OHL again but probably not NHL ready either.  But there’s nothing he can do about it. So for now he’ll have to prove his recent health setbacks aren’t an issue and continue to dominate the CHL before turning pro next year.