(Yahoo! Sports) – The new mask of Boston Bruins goaltender Anton Khudobin has the ability to change colors.  According to InGoal Magazine, Khudobin asked his designer, Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush for a unique look.  So she listened to his request by using “Subzero” paint to shift the color with hot and cold water.

Okay, so where can I get one of those?  Son of a bitch I’ll take two. That was sick!

I’ve always had a chub for NHL goalie masks.  Ask a kid I had a photo album full of goalie mask drawings I did.  I’d sit there with my thousands of hockey cards, pick out a goalie, and spend hours drawing an coloring the mask.  I’m sure if I threw those colored pencil gems on eBay I could retire.  Even the old CCM helmets with the cats eye mask that guys like Reggie Lemelin used to wear were great:Those things were so badass. But now with today’s technology it’s like they’re coming straight out of sci-fi movies.

Thanks to Khudobin it looks like this guy is headed to the store and pick up some new colored pencils. Probably going to need a 30-rack to actually get myself to sit down and color.  Mine will change colors with beer.