(ESPN.com) – Auston Matthews delivered an NHL debut for the ages Wednesday night, scoring four goals on a night that won’t soon be forgotten in the rich history of the Maple Leafs. The 19-year-old from Scottsdale, Arizona, chosen first overall in June’s NHL draft, scored on his first three shots against the Ottawa Senators, the hat trick prompting visiting Leafs fans at the Canadian Tire Center to throw hats onto the ice.

The following video is not suitable for those aroused by greatness:

Holy shit. I’m at a loss for words. And what can you really say anyway? Auston Matthews flat out exploded onto the NHL scene last night and things will never be the same for him. It’s kind of ironic the hottest star in the league right now is an American rookie playing in Toronto.

So I won’t say anything more other than that was about as an exciting start to an NHL season I’ve ever seen. We all should feel fortunate to get to watch the kid play. Let’s just hope he goes back to Arizona as soon as he possibly can so the Bruins aren’t dealing with that nightmare fuel in their division for the next 15 years.