I mean, how can you not?

During the first week of the NHL season it’s tough to pick the hot hands. Trends and streaks haven’t set in yet and I haven’t had a solid three nights or so of drinking while watching games to help lock in my picks.  But I got a good feeling about this one.  

Milan Lucic will be making his Oilers debut alongside phenom Connor McDavid.  Much like Rob Brown who scored 49 goals in a 115 point season where he was on a line with Mario Lemieux (he only had 24 goals and 44 points the year before) I fully expect Looch to take advantage of riding shotgun to boy wonder McDavid. Ironically, Rob Brown is now doing radio for the Edmonton Oilers.  

Lucic should score at least 20 goals this year just from McDavid banking them in off of his shin pads and I fully expect one of those will come tonight.  It’s also opening night at the Oilers new home, Rogers Place. The barn will be electric and it’s just the type of game Looch will be fired up for. 

So put the big oaf in your lineup.  At $5,200 ($700 less than liney Jordan Eberle) it’s a good deal for a guy who will also be on the powerplay with top end talent.  Let’s all get rich tonight.