(NarragansettBeer.com) – That’s right… we’ve teamed up with Zeal to bring you the first and only hockey stick specifically designed for beer leagues! Durable, lightweight, with reasonable pricing- a hockey stick that crushes it just like Quint!Utah, get me two! And get the ‘Gansett marketing guy a raise ASAP. What a fantastic combo this is.

There are few things in life that go better together than beer and hockey. Unfortunately for me, after playing college hockey I dropped the skating part altogether, coached, and worked steadily on the beer part. But this stick might just bring me out of retirement. The color pattern reminds me of the old Gretzky Titan sticks. The $150 price tag probably makes sense even though the last sticks I got were free Easton Z-Bubbles and Ultralite’s a decade ago (I still have a half dozen in plastic wrap). And it’s all to support the economic efforts of a beer company who provides us all with the nectar of the gods. It’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned.

Click the link at the top to check it out. I think I’m gonna buy one. 

(This is not an endorsement I just really like the thing)