It’s like a dump truck worth of monkey’s have just been peeled off of the backs of the Boston Bruins power play, David Krejci, and Matt Beleskey, after the Bruins convincing 4-0 win over the Buffalo Sabres.

No, the Sabres aren’t world beaters. They’re Eichel-less. They’re Pat LaFontaine-less. They’re friggin’ Buffalo. But they’re still a team doing well as of late that the Bruins needed to take out on home ice. And combine that with the running trend of offensive production issues in Boston since the start the year, that we just wrote about this morning, something had to give. Either the B’s were going to continue under performing or they were going to go Belichickian and “do their job”. Tonight they did their job. Here’s how:

  • The power play performed at a wild 3-for-8 clip. Boom. Not a type-o, they showed up and doubled their seasons power play production in one game. I really liked the move of putting Czarnik up top to quarterback that unit. He looked sharp and decisive moving the puck. He grabbed an assist to go with four shots on net.
  • David Krejci utilized the power play opportunity to grab his first goal of the season. That sentence was painful to type thinking that the guy who led the NHL in points for the month of October last year just scored his first goal of the entire season nearly ten days into November. I’ve been pretty rattled by Krejci’s play but he’s steadily been getting better, evidenced by his speed and footwork he showed in a losing effort Saturday night against the Rangers. He was feeling it. Tonight he rolled over and finally got a happy ending he deserved.
  • Put Jimmy Hayes in quarantine and keep him away from Matt Beleskey forever. The guy has been light years better since he’s been relieved of his duty as 11’s linemate. Much like Krejci, the kid worked his bean bag off against the Rangers on Saturday with nothing to show for it and tonight he grabbed his first point of the season on the wakening power play. Beleskey even tried to Pele’ one in the net but instead Riley Nash’s first goal as a Bruin went in off of a Sabres leg instead. Mix all that in with Beleskey ringing iron on a filthy wrister and you’ve got to think the guy is finally rounding the corner.
  • David Pastrnak picked up his 8th goal in 10 games. Only Larry Bird around the hoop in ’86 made scoring look easier than the one Pasta got tonight. A pure layup. The kid is going to be cashing checks bigger than Powerball come next June. He’re a clip of the hot Pasta:
  • Claude Julien got win #400 with the Bruins tonight. He’s a fantastic coach and it’s a well deserved accomplishment. Until he gets the right ingredients for the recipe you might as well stop bitching about what he’s cooking. He can only work with what he’s given.
  • Lastly, Tuukka Rask is on another level. He pitched his 32nd career shutout which passed Stanley Cup legend Timmy Thomas on the S.O. list, planting him 3rd all-time for the franchise. Do people really want to trade this guy? Of course some do. People are dumb.

Now you just hope that this carries over to Tuesday nights scrap with the Habs. Confidence is on the rebound for a few guys and a power play that were in dire need of it. But confidence doesn’t mean you can blow one by Carey Price. Not many can.

Here’s to a big one at the Bell Centre. I’m sure you’ll all be tuned into the game since there will be absolutely nothing going on in America on Tuesday night.