What a beauty. What an absolute filthy, dirty, gorgeous beauty by Mr. David Pastrnak.

The Bruins did everything they possibly could to try and piss away a great effort by not scoring on great chance after great chance tonight. But not so fast my friends. David Pastrnak scored his 15th goal of season in overtime, in just his 21st game, to lock up a much deserved two points for the Bruins.

At this point Pastrnak is now on pace for 58 goals this season. I can’t see that happening, but 40 seems like a lock. Sorta makes you wonder how much money the B’s will have to fork over to their version of Vladimir Tarasenko if they put off extension talks until next summer when one is due.

But, whatever. I’m not even going to go there. For tonight we’ll enjoy this beauty before he throws another one at us later in the week.

An early Christmas present, indeed.