(CSNNE.com) – The most important difference for Pastrnak is the pure, unadulterated offense he’s generating for the Black and Gold this season. After two years of learning and development on the job, the Czech winger is totally cashing in on the elite offensive skills he brought into the league as the youngest player in the NHL two seasons ago. He’s on pace to become the fourth Bruins player in the past 25 years to hit the 40-goal mark. He is the exact kind of game-breaking force the B’s have been desperately yearning for…

He’s got 18 goals in 23 games. He’s tied with Sidney Crosby for the NHL lead. He’s got more goals than Ovechkin, Tarasenko, and nearly double what Seguin has. He’s come a long way since his first NHL goal, pictured above. And now he’s going to be filthy rich.

What we’re seeing David Pastrnak do right now is pretty special. And I keep saying he won’t be able to keep up his current pace but who the hell knows at this point? No, it’s not going to be Teemu Selanne’s or Brett Hull’s 76 goal seasons but 50 is a real possibility. After Pasta’s 2-goal electric Wednesday night in D.C. he was on pace for 58 goals. Twenty-four hours and 2 more goals later he’s now on pace for 64. Hell, he might even get a Cy Young vote next year from the MLB with his current 18-6 point line. Bruins fans, at least this one, haven’t enjoyed this kind of scoring excitement since Neely’s run to 50 in ’93-94.

The jury is out on what kind of money Pasta is going to get next summer when he’s due a new deal. He’ll certainly be able to afford cable TV and steak for dinner. My guess is he’ll be swimming in it like Scrooge McDuck: The contractual comparison I’d make, and I’ve used it before, is Vladimir Tarasenko. I’m not sure if it’s the right comparison but I don’t care. That’s my pick. Vlad went right from his entry-level deal to cashing monster checks. He also took a similar goal scoring trajectory of 8, 21, and then 40 goals in his 3rd NHL season. Pasta has gone 10, 15, and now already has 18 goals in his 3rd campaign. What makes Pastrnak more impressive is he’s doing it at about three years younger than Vlad did. And the beautiful ways in which he’s scoring should make each goal count for two. But I’d expect the floor for Pasta is $7 million per year. Tarasenko’s post-rookie deal was an eight-year, $60 million whopper that runs at $7.5 million per.

At this point with the offense so heavily relying on him it sure feels like Pastrnak could name his price. Marchand, Bergeron, Krejci, Chara, and Krug seem to be completely dry of any offensive production. And you’re not going to get much from those two-way “typical Claude guys” people love to hate. So for now just enjoy the show “The Great 88” is putting on. Because if you don’t you may not see a goal from the top-6 forwards for awhile.