One goal in his last 15 games. A Brett Connolly-esque two goals in his last 22 games. And a disappointing 4-5-9 stat line in 29 games played despite playing alongside one of the NHL’s hottest snipers, David Pastrnak, as well as his soul mate Brad Marchand. 

It certainly is an odd thing to see Patrice Bergeron struggling offensively this year.

What makes it more peculiar is his overall dependable defensive self has been consistent. He’s making the advanced stat geeks happy. Bergy is averaging 19 minutes of ice time a night, his 3rd highest total in the last decade of his career. His corsi is at a career high 63.4 right now. And he’s also ripping along nicely at the face off dot with a 57.2% success rate. So what gives with his lack of offense?

Well, he’s not the only one struggling. This isn’t a “Blame Bergeron” blog. There’s plenty of questions to go around for everyone regarding scoring. But as suggested by Rear Admiral in his WEEI blog, the early season injury (thank you meaningless World Cup of Hockey) that delayed the start to his B’s season may be the issue. It won’t go away, it could need surgery at some point, and the Bruins aren’t going to rest him if he can play through it and do the bazillion other amazing non-offensive things he does.

But it’s been tough to watch at times. We’re not used to seeing Bergeron miss prime chances while playing well in key game situations. David Krejci went through a similar situation coming off of his recent hip surgery. Then suddenly #46 has been his masterful self with the puck, picking up beautiful goals in back-to-back games against Pittsburgh and Anaheim and looking sharp today against L.A.. 

Bottom line, we all gotta hang around to wait and see how much longer this goes on. There’s not much more to it than that for a guy that does so much so well. Injury or not, let’s just hope Bergy gets a little puck luck soon. 

It’s like Clark Griswold waiting for that Christmas bonus check to arrive. It’s gotta be eating at him. But, if it can happen today for this teams Uncle Eddie (Jimmy Hayes) then it certainly will happen for Bergeron.