(CSNNE.com) – “It’s too big of a hole, but it’s a hole we dug in ourselves. To me, it’s not acceptable. Some of those mistakes on those goals are coming from our best players. The secondary scoring is there, yet we’re still not getting the scoring we should from a lot of our guys,” said Claude Julien. “So I think that until we can find, or some of our best players can find their games, we’re going to be playing these types of games, back and forth. [We’ll be] winning a big one, losing another one, and so on, so forth.”

Even though we are the best Bruins blog out there I’m not going to use my talents to poetically describe how brutal last nights B’s game vs the Islanders was. It’d be too easy. So I’m just going to bluntly bullet point it because like the Bruins last night, I don’t feel like showing up today. I want to mail it in. So here we go:

  • I’ve always been on team Claude Julien but last night rattled me like no other. Frank Vatrano is healthy and available and instead of giving an offensive starved team a shot in the arm he’s healthy scratched. It’s inexcusable. His fresh legs, skill set, and the needed shake up it’d give the lineup is worth it alone to get him in there. He has to be in tomorrow night. If not, some one get Gerard Gallant‘s phone number just in case. I don’t want Claude gone, but I’d happily pay for Gerard’s cab to Boston and the one that drove him out of South Florida if it had to be done.
  • Tuukka Rask gets a pass from me. Sorry (not really) if that bugs you, but he does. He’s the sole reason the Bruins have done as well as they have so far. Go ahead and shit the bed one night. Fine. The offense in front of him does it routinely. If it becomes a habit for Tuukka (it won’t) then we’ll talk.
  • The first goal, although painful, didn’t infuriate me. Every single team has one or two of those debacles a year. The moment it happened I was actually thankful it was against the Isles. Little did I know that wouldn’t matter.
  • The power play has become unwatchable. Stationary, hesitant, predictable, slow. Go back to putting Zdeno Chara in front of the net, ala 2014, or force feed him clap bomb one-timers from the point and run the goalie every time until one goes in if you have to because it’s putrid out there. Or again, call Gerard Gallant.
  • 50+ shots on Thomas Greiss and you lose. That’s all I’m going to write. You can guess what I’m thinking. 
  • Speaking of goalies, it looks like whatever is in Anton Khudobin‘s head isn’t going away with a little Sudafed. It’s lodged in there and rattling him. He’s fighting every shot, whether it’s a BB or a pillow, like they’re knuckle pucks. Last night wasn’t his fault but you have to hope he gets it straightened out. 
  • Jimmy Hayes is actually playing well. He’s getting to the net, he was directly involved in both goals last night, and he’s being rewarded. That being said, it’s not a good sign for your team if the big guns are still shivering cold and #11 is the hot offensive catalyst. But at least he’s doing it.
  • The defense is showing cracks. And it’s been the one aspect of play that’s held things together while the offense tries to figure it out. If the D structure is going to ultimately fail then it could get real ugly real soon.

I never overreact to one loss but I will say last night was disturbing. It was Colorado and Toronto at home Part III. And it feels like they’re back to square one. Which is Tuukka Rask playing miracle worker (again and again) for the non-scoring team in front of him. Potting 2 or less goals in 2/3 of your games doesn’t work long term. 

The B’s are really at a delicate tipping point in the season. Once this thing hits late January everyone league wide is exhausted and games 50-65 are a miserable grind. At that point you can’t still be lost trying to find your way. 

Statically speaking, everything points toward the goals starting to come. Maintaining this terrible scoring rate is kind of bizarre, specifically in the case of a guy like Patrice Bergeron who’s done everything but get puck luck. Those things usually average out to where we expect by years end. But you can’t just rely on the analytics. Will it be too late by then? Something’s gotta give soon. Let’s hope the return of David Pastrnak and Vatrano gives them exactly what they need.