Blindside, unnecessary, hit to head: Only 2 minutes. 

Adam McQuaid doing something about said cheap shot since the refs won’t. He gets restrained by the refs so that he gets punched in the face repeatedly. 

Nice officiating you got there, NHL. Fantastic work. Great message your sending.

Absolute garbage. If you’re only going to hand out slaps on the wrist for blindside headshots then at least let the tough guys settle the score. Which means get the hell out of the way. But no. The officiating botches the entire thing per usual. 

To make things worse for McQuaid, and his face, he’s nailed for 2-5-10 fight instigator penalty for doing the right thing. 

Maybe some Bruins fan in Buffalo will give the refs car the ol’ Road House stop sign treatment and sticks one right through his windshield on the way to the parking lot after this one.