What a gong show in Buffalo last night. The Bruins came out of the gate flat (again), the refs were absolutely atrocious, and Ryan Spooner capped a late comeback. That’s not exactly how Claude usually draws it up on his blackboard. But you could say the game had it all in terms of entertainment and emotion. Here’s how:

  • The refs new crusade stop fighting is embarrassing and dangerousI already wrote about it mid-game last night but simply put they’re putting players in a terrible spot and risk more injury by getting involved. Linesmen need to get out of the way when a fight starts. Not only that, this crusade to interfere tells all the clowns league wide that they’re protected. Cheap shot artists don’t have to worry about answering the bell for dirty hits because linesmen will protect their ass. It’s a joke.
  • The officials redefined icing last night. They called it on Buffalo in the second period when an errant Sabres pass back to their point went all the way down into their own end. Yeah, officiating was that bad last night.
  • If the B’s come out flat again tomorrow you may see me leap from the balcony on NESN. It’s difficult to understand and certainly a curious situation. For a team that can’t afford to give a point away they sure like to put themselves behind the ball. I get it’s a long season and there are valleys along the way but routinely being asleep at the wheel to start games is not a valley, it’s a problem.
  • David Krejci was a monster last night. A real heady play to bust down the slot from the point on the power play got him a nice tying goal. And he fed Spooner perfectly on the late go ahead goal. Just imagine if he had a true scoring winger to regularly play with.
  • Patrice Bergeron‘s second period goal could not have come at a better time. It felt like “next goal wins” the way things were going at that point in the game and Boston’s do-it-all man cut the Sabres lead to 2-1 with a beauty. That swung the tide in the B’s direction and it was all they needed. 
  • The B’s never quit. We’ve lamented some of their recent play and lack of production from whatever star power they have but the Bruins fought hard to get that W last night. They just don’t have the finish to make their nights easier. Every goal feels like a chore. But they got it going in the second and really took it to Buffalo. 
  • Frank Vatrano had two assists last night and I’m nearly over him getting healthy scratched against the Isles last week. Almost there.
  • The NHL is better when Buffalo sucks. I don’t know why, it just is. I’m sure the city is full of fantastic people who are the exact opposite of Evander Kane but I still think they should stay in the cellar.