(Boston.CBSlocal.com) – Adrian Dater, a national NHL writer for Bleacher Report who has previously covered the Colorado Avalanche, tweeted on Thursday that the Bruins are engaged in trade talks with the Avs for left winger Gabriel Landeskog. Dater said that Avs GM Joe Sakic asked the Bruins for Carlo in a trade package, but the Bruins declined.

(BostonPucks.com yesterday) – “If the names Brandon Carlo or Charlie McAvoy came up in the conversation I’d hang up on Avs GM Joe Sakic. I’d block his number and I might even defriend him on Facebook too.” – Me

Atta boy, Trader Don! Atta boy! Way to do the right thing here. I’m sure it pains Jeremy Jacobs to see you not spend like an idiot but it doesn’t bother me one bit.

It really warms my heart to see Don Sweeney making the smart play and holding onto Brandon Carlo rather than taking on Gabriel Landeskog. The Avs winger is a great player but big picture the B’s need Carlo. I said yesterday the B’s should offer up a Jakub Zboril based package instead and that’s exactly what he did. All those years of building dynasty after dynasty in EA NHL games is not a fluke people. I know what I’m doing. 

If Zboril, a Jake DeBrusk, and a top draft pick don’t get you Landeskog then I’m not sure how much more you can offer to Colorado. Maybe someone like Ryan Spooner tips the scales. No one has confirmed yet if the Bruins have tried offering the Avs Ray Bourque again like they successfully did back in March of 2000. That would certainly get the deal done in my eyes.

For now the Bruins have done the right thing by hanging on to Carlo. And if Colorado asks for Charlie McAvoy after he wins gold tonight for Team USA then we may need to demand the entire Avalanche front office be drug tested.