First things first; Monday matineé hockey on a day off is money. The IPA’s are already chilled and the freezer is stocked with pint glasses. Every Monday should be like this.

That being said, the beer could taste pretty bad if the Bruins don’t take advantage of the situation they’ve created for themselves. A week ago at this time they’d lost 3 of 4 games. The efforts were uninspiring and the offense remained in neutral. Even chatter of Claude feeling the heat was batted about.

Then St. Louis happened. The Blues were supposed to confirm the Bruins collapse. Instead the B’s absolutely pumped the blue notes. Days later a hot offense continued the B’s ride on a 3-1-1 record in their last 5 games. It’s also landed them in second place in the Atlantic Division (with WAY too many games in hand):

But now they’re staring down at the New York Islanders. Remember them? They’re the team who rode Thomas Greiss (who?) to his career high save performance in serving a bad loss to the Bruins just a few weeks ago. 

This is the type of game, as I’ve said on this blog before, the Bruins love to lose. Weaker team visiting the Garden? Check. Been playing well recently? Check. Offense starting to click? Double check. It’s a perfect time to come out flat. It’s what they consistently do in these situations.

That can’t happen today.

If this Bruins team wants to be taken seriously as a real playoff team then today is a must win packaged with a full 60 minute effort. It’s a prime opportunity to change the trend they’ve set of playing shitty in these types of games. And it can set them up nicely heading into Detroit on Wednesday on what good teams refer to as a “winning streak”. 

Today can’t be the claw from behind, uninspired, shootout squeaker. Not a “we should have been ready to go from the start” Julien quote game. It can’t happen. There are too many games in hand for the Maple Leafs and Senators for the Bruins to regress to their early season ways.

Will they do it? I hope so. But I’m not convinced the Bruins will show up. Don’t make me regret spending this entire Monday in my underwear, eating pizza, and drinking beer just to watch a bad game. I will not stand for it. I put way too much effort into my sofa time to accept it.

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