With Brad Marchand maybe poised to go on a little break for his cute slew foot against the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday there is going to be a desperate call for offense from the Bruins. It’s a call that hasn’t been answered very often this season. 

Marchand had been rolling along nicely of late, putting up 9 goals and 7 assists (16 points) in his previous 11 games. On most nights it felt like he was the only real threat on the ice. But after going an absurd 17 straight games without a goal David Pastrnak finally broke through with a game winning overtime laser beam two nights ago:​

It couldn’t have come at a better time. Pasta had been ice cold, the B’s needed (depending on who you ask) the two points, and he’s about the only one who can hit the net. That’s not a joke either.

What’s nutty is despite Pasta going over a month without scoring his game winner was his 20th goal of the season. And it only took him 44 games. He’s on pace to clear 30-goals and even when struggling the guy creates scoring chances and was able to dish out 9 assists over the last 11 games of his scoring drought.

Now the Bruins are going to need him more than ever. I don’t anticipate any offense coming from anyone else should Brad Marchand be out of the lineup. That’s just the way it’s been all season. So if you’re not in the tanking mindset you better hope it’s Pasta’s turn to go off. Otherwise it’s nothing but the hard stuff on the rocks watching potential Marchand-less games.