Dip after barf inducing dip the Bruins rollercoaster ways continue on. And after their solid 4-3 victory last night in beautiful Tampa Bay we are reminded that we’re never sure what to make of the B’s at any moment. It’s what they do to us.

Right now the Bruins are riding a three game winning streak, all while popping off for 4 goals in each of the three wins. Are these wins Claude’s fault too? Regardless, they’ve now set themselves up to go a nice little three or four game losing streak.

Let’s take a look at some quick hits from the game:

  • Colin Miller had himself a game. Not only did the ever improving defenseman pocket a couple assists but he also made a heady goal-saving play where he swatted away a puck that was millimeters from crossing the B’s goal line. It seems like each week we’re seeing Miller continue to grow and develop into a great blue liner.

  • Brad Marchand, who like Miller grabbed two assists as well, had a nice game. He set up the entire play leading to the Patrice Bergeron goal and nearly had another assist when he fed David Pastrnak in the corner, who then made a great move getting to the net. But man, does he need to watch himself. He was involved in another slew foot type of scenario, this one looking “incidental”. It’s not a spot he needs to put himself in. He can’t afford to pad his reputation any more than he has.

  • David Krejci would make me so happy if he fired the puck more. He showcased his silky mitts and quick release with a buzzer beating goal in the final second of the second period. His shot is just so underrated and underutilized. Fire that puck more, Krejci. Do it for me. It’s beautiful.

  • Zdeno Chara buried one in the third with a one-timer, roof scraping, slap shot. It was nearly identical to his clap bomb against the Flyers back on January 14th. There aren’t many things more fun to watch than that big bastard uncorking one on a goalie. Despite Shea Weber’s radar gun breaking shots in the all-star skills competition I still think Big Z has the hardest shot in the NHL.
  • Jimmy Hayes was getting ripped on social media for his fight with Alex Killorn but I don’t care, it was nice to see. I wish he’d attempt to throw more often. It won’t happen but I enjoyed it.
  • Can Frank Vatrano develop into a 30-goal scorer? I kinda think so. His snipe last night was fantastic. He’s got such a quick release, heavy shot. Vatrano has now scored 6 goals in 19 games this season, which over the course of a full season puts him on 25-goal pace. Not bad for the second year pro. Not bad, at all.

Unfortunately, the Bruins are up against the Washington Capitals tonight. Playing in the second night of back-to-backs, this one has the potential to look more like the Harlem Globetrotters vs. the Washington Generals rather than an NHL game. You just gotta hope the B’s have enough energy in the tank to keep this one close. But as I stated before, who the hell knows. A week ago Boston was dead in the water, now they’re on a roll and headed towards making a very dumb and unnecessary trade deadline deal. 

Either way, kick your feet up and enjoy not knowing what to expect. Embrace the unknown. It’s why we love this team.

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