(CBS Boston)  — It goes without saying that the Patriots’ comeback win in Super Bowl LI is the kind of thing you’d only expect in a Hollywood production or a video game. Well, now you can see how the game would look if it played out in the classic Nintendo game Tecmo Bowl.Posted on Monday by YouTube user “Irishkidd84,” the above video shows all of the game’s biggest plays in 8-bit Tecmo Bowl form. It draws up the biggest plays mixes the game’s classic 8-bit music and sound effects with sound from the game itself.

The friggin’ internet, man. It’s just impossible to say you’ve seen it all as long as the webs exist. And this kind of amazing shit is why.

I thought I had finally come down from the near week long bender euphoria from the excitement of the Patriots ridiculous comeback win in Super Bowl LI. But now I have to get all excited again because of a Nintendo Tecmo Bowl version of the game? Yup. I do.

Tip of the cap to “Irishkidd84″on this viral creation. My only critique is that I would have loved to hear just one long “Ready! Down! hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut hut!” before a snap for old times sake. But I’m sure I’ll be cracking beers and showing this to every Patriots fan I know all weekend long.

Go Pats.

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