Where have I seen this picture before?

Oh, that’s right…

Move over Tim “Dr. Hook” McCracken. There’s a new optometrist in town. 

In all seriousness, da fuck Nyquist? Are you kidding me? I haven’t seen a deliberate penalty in the NHL that vicious in a long time. And there have been plenty of bad ones over the years. To me, this is about as close to criminal intent as it gets.

Now we get see how badly the NHL’s Departmemt of Player Safety handles it. They salivate at the chance to minimize deliberate injury intended stick infractions with beer money sized fines and 3-game slaps on the wrist. The league is too busy worrying about their “end fighting” crusade. Ya know, the thing two willing participants engage in to protect their teammates from cheap shots like Nyquist’s?

I’m not expecting a rational suspension. They’ll butcher this thing and #14 won’t bat an eye (no pun intended, but intended) at it. Yet Nyquist deserves up to 20 games. If I were in charge of handing out discipline, and possessed Roger Goodell’s “Füher” type powers, I’d give Nyquist 30 games. I really would. He was an inch away from taking Spurgeon’s eye and clearly didn’t give a shit.

But with the culture designed to protect guys like Alex Burrows and give players like Adam McQuaid and extra 10-minute misconduct for protecting his teammates from rats, the suspension will be a joke.

All I know is this is a huge opportunity for the NHL Department of Player Safety to say these types of instances won’t be tolerated. You’d like to think they’ll come down real hard on Nyquist. Yet anyone who requires oxygen to live is expecting them to live up to their well earned reputation and get it wrong once again.