(TheScore.com) – “Joe (Sakic) and I talked and, at this point in time, I can’t see us going in that direction. It wouldn’t make sense,” Dorion said, according to Bruce Garrioch of Postmedia. “We want to do something to try to improve the team and making deals is very difficult to do,” Dorion continued. “But I can’t see us mortgaging everything in the future and some stuff in the present to get one or two or whatever players that are out there. I think we have to be realistic that we want to improve but to give up three, four, or five assets would be something that would be very difficult to do.”

This. This right here. This is the shit we’re talking about. This is what I want to hear Don Sweeney saying. Firm, sound, clearly defined, logical words that form completely rational sentences.

Dorion’s comments give you insight into the price tag Joe Sakic has slapped on his prized Avalanche assets. I get cold sweats just thinking about what Sweeney would throw away to pay that bill. 

Dorion’s comments also remind me why I haven’t gotten overly excited about the recent 3-game win streak new coach Bruce Cassidy has the Bruins on. Yes, the team looks energized. Yes, I like the new offensive scheme. I won’t complain about what we’re all seeing. But in the back of my mind I’ve been worried quick success would convince Sweeney to make a stupid buyers trade. He shouldn’t forget the Bruins are on their fifth 3-game win streak this year. This isn’t a new thing. And it won’t mean shit if Sweeney confuses it for a Stanley Cup contending run and sacrifices the farm for a bad “win now” trade because of it. 

In short, I think I speak for most Bruins fans when I say that now that the B’s have a little mojo going (and a few players are now deciding to work harder now that Claude’s gone?) you just pray Sweeney doesn’t go all Dr. Evil on us and try to take over the world with some poorly thought out plan. He hasn’t shown anything in the past to prove he can navigate these waters.

So how about you pace yourselves there, front office? Can’t we at least see where the upcoming west coast roadie puts the team in the lowly Atlantic Division first? Let’s just keep what’s going on now, going. Shed some dead weight along the way and protect your assets. A front office in Ottawa, that in the past often looked like they couldn’t manage a Walgreen’s, is now making a million percent more sense than the Bruins brass right now. And they’re transparent while doing it to boot.

Listen to Pierre Dorion, Don. For the love of all things sane, listen to him.