This is fantastic. This is so great I can’t even stand it. It’s WWE and 90’s gangsta rap beef taken to a whole new level. Claude Julien just gave Cam Neely and Don Sweeney the double-barrel salute and is starting his own version of the Brady vs. Goodell Revenge Tour. 

I love it.

My love for Claude won’t waver but this certainly feels weird. It’s like when your buddy is newly single and you’re happy for the guy, but then when he does find a new girl she’s annoying and doesn’t like his friends. And you’re just stuck trying to support the guy. 

But at least now the B’s/Habs rivalry is amped up tenfold. It’s been desperately needing some fuel on the fire over the past few seasons. Even though they had to give the Habs permission to talk to Claude I would have loved to have seen Don Sweeney and Cam Neely’s faces when this went official. The coach they just let go is now determined to have success over the Bruins with their rival. 

And don’t forget in all the fandom emotion of this, Claude Julien is a massive upgrade over Michel Therrien. It’s not even close. Claude can do some X and O damage with that Canadiens roster that is probably going to do some tweaking before the trade deadline comes and goes.

Shots have been fired. The demand for clean underwear in New England just skyrocketed. Things are getting real interesting around here. 

Bruins vs Habs playoff matchup? Book it.