(TSN.ca) – Unhappy with the way the puck was dropped, Ducks forward Antoine Vermette slashed linesman Shandor Alphonso and received a game misconduct in Anaheim’s 1-0 win over Minnesota Tuesday night.

Not exactly the best look here for Mr. Vermette. He didn’t seem too psyched with the linesman and how he dropped the puck on the draw so he gave him a little chop across the back of the legs.

When you watch the video of the incident it’s pretty peculiar. It’s not an all-time classic Ron-Hextall-to-Kent-Nilsson 1987 Stanley Cup Final chop for the ages. But it’s not a love tap either. It’s like Vermette wanted to kill the linesman but last second he softens and gives it half effort. Rule #1 of making a move like this; if you’re going to be dumb you gotta go full dumb. Make it count.

Vermette was given a 10-minute game misconduct and will most likely face at least an automatic 10-game suspension that applies to players who deliberately strike an official. Although, coming on the heels of last years Dennis Wideman incident with an official you have to wonder if the league will attempt to come down much harder on Vermette before be appeals his punishment.