Looking for in-depth hockey analysis? You’ve come to the right place. Below I break down an Avalanche breakout/zone entry from last night. But just a heads up, I’m very analytics heavy. The analysis may be too technical for most of you:

Holy hell, Avalanche. Clean it up. Seriously, has there ever been an NHL breakout like that in recent memory? And by “in recent memory” I mean ever. It’s the Benny Hill theme song away from the perfect hockey clip.

It’s no wonder the Avs are asking for a kings ransom, that includes Brandon Carlo, for Duchene or Landeskog. They can’t break out of their own end. But I will cut them a little slack because they probably just don’t give a shit anymore. If they cared just a fraction then that puck gets out on the 5th or 6th try, not the 7th.

Unfortunately for the Avs this video is damaging to negotiations. “Oh, you want Carlo? Fine. Unlike Goodell I can admit I saw the video. You can have Carlo, we’ll take MacKinnon, Duchene, and Barrie and you retain half their salaries. And Barrie toe-picked in that video so we’re doing you a huge favor here.” There’s no comeback from that once this footage leaks.

Can’t hide on video. Sweeney can name his price.

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