(Sports.Yahoo.com) – According to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, and confirmed by beat writer Jeremy Rutherford, the Blues had a trade in place (rumored to be with Tampa Bay) for Shattenkirk. But the defenseman spiked the deal, which was in the works six weeks ago, when he his camp nixed a seven-year, $42-million contract with the new club.

Imagine being able to look an offer for employment in the eye that’s for 7-years, $42 million ($6 million per year) and go, “ehhh, I’m all set.” 

Tampa has perfect weather during hockey season, there’s no state income tax, and it’s become a great hockey town. 

“Nah, I’m good dude.”

That must be amazing.

It’s not so amazing for the St. Louis Blues though. Holy shit they must be so pissed. They’re not close to getting what they want for Shattenkirk as a rental deal, and when a team (Edmonton and Tampa) appear to offer enough to satisfy the Blues front office the soon-to-be unrestricted free agent blue liner says no thanks.

The fact that all of this is public is the real fork in the Blues eye. It’s like they’re getting cucked right on front page of NHL.com for everyone to see. Is St. Louis willing to roll the dice on not getting anything for Shattenkirk by next Wednesday’s trade deadline? Are they going to get all Don Sweeney-with-Loui Eriksson on us? I can’t imagine they will.

If it’s true that it’s Rangers first, Bruins second, or bust for Shattenkirk this summer then St. Louis should make something work in the rental market soon. But their price is going to have to come down a bit. Both New York and Boston can sit back, save their tradable assets now, and wait to make their PowerPoint sales pitches to the free agent in the offseason.

I’m have no clue how this is going to end up for the Blues but I imagine their general manager Doug Armstrong feels a little bit like this right now:

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