Yikes. Minnesota just paid quite a bit for what could be purely a rental. And they also just set the market for rentals-to-contenders. Heads up Kevin Shattenkirk shoppers.

The Wild have set themselves up pretty nicely in the prospect department all while being real contenders this season. So what one may view as giving up a lot, Minnesota clearly doesn’t see it that way with their “win now” mindset. The 2017 NHL draft isn’t being heralded as a great crop like 2016 was so the comfort level of moving this summers first round pick is high. Regardless, those picks are valuable, and it’s a pretty steep price to pay for a guy who only has 16 goals this season and isn’t trending quite the same way he was years ago. But he only needs to be what the Wild hope he can be for a couple months in order to help raise that Cup.

On the other side of the negotiating table the Arizona Coyotes did what they like to do. Get draft picks, perpetually rebuild, and retain salaries of players who don’t play for them. It makes sense though. They’re not ready to contend, and they’re figuring out what young pieces they have will be part of the long term project. They just happened to get more in return for trading Hanzal than I anticipated.

This trade did enough to register on my fireworks meter though. It had a high price, a legit player, and good draft picks. I give it a 3.8 out of 5. It just needed a little more star power to get up in the 4+ range.

Keep these deals coming, NHL. Keep em’ coming. 

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