Hey now, Caps! How ya doin’? Every NHL trade deadline needs some star power movement and this was the closest thing to that we were going to get. Kevin Shattenkirk is headed for a pit stop and maybe a Cup of Stanley in Washington before he lands with the New York Rangers this summer.

It certainly makes the yearly Caps playoff collapse that much more entertaining.

Kevin Shattenkirk to Washington adds to the Caps already deep blue line led by John Carlson and, if possible, makes their power play even more scary. And if you’re going to be a rental like Shattenkirk he couldn’t have landed in a better spot. 

The young Zach Sanford, heading the other way to St. Louis as part of the deal, goes from a legit situation, primed to get a ring, to hanging out with Nelly. 

As for St. Louis, what they hell were they supposed to do here? Shattenkirk wasn’t going to re-sign with the Blues this summer, he wasn’t helping facilitate a trade to any long term suitor, and the Caps are the perfect all-in rental trade partner. Getting a 1st round pick (2017) and a 2nd round pick (2018) as well is a solid return on a guy that was a goner regardless.

I love this move by the Caps. I love the go big mentality from a team that people maybe didn’t see trying to do this at the deadline. Often legit contenders only add that depth D or third line winger for a Cup run instead of the true offensive threats.

Were the Caps already good enough before this trade to win it all? Yes. But now they’re announcing to the league this is it. And St. Louis should be happy with their return when you consider it looked like there was maybe a chance that Shattenkirk screwed up their leverage. 

It’s a win-win for both sides. 

I’ll give this deal a 4.1 out of 5 on the fireworks scale.

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