So a hockey player finally doesn’t hit the button on the cliché generator in an interview and people get upset. Color me surprise.

Today Ryan Spooner voiced his opinion on how he felt (and we all knew) Claude Julien viewed him as a player. He used lines like “he really didn’t trust me” and “I just don’t think he liked me as a player.” He left out, “I hated being in his dog house”, but that’s okay. We got the point.

Then there was the usual outrage on Twitter and in comment sections over his remarks. I think people just need to relax. Spooner was candid, refreshing, and again, wasn’t saying anything people didn’t know. He also made a point to say his game wasn’t where it always should have been either. But everything about what Spooner said was spot on. And it’s okay for him say it. Back when Claude was the Bruins coach and would publicly insinuate that Spooner wasn’t cutting it, that was okay too.

So everyone take a deep breath and let’s move on. We won’t even remember what Spoons said in a week. Well, actually I might. Especially when I see him doing his move that probably drove Claude absolutely insane every single night:

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