Okay, so I lied. It’s not a blockbuster. Whatever. You can’t hate this deal, you can’t love it, just a solid pick up on the cheap by Don Sweeney that addresses a need and could pay off nicely for the Bruins. 

Stafford adds nice depth on the right wing, is on an expiring contract, and despite being a 12-year NHL veteran in a fast, young league, still has a fantastic scorers shot. In fact, he was a 31-goal scorer in 2011 when the Bruins won the Cup and even cashed in another 21 G’s last year as well. This season however Stafford has only tallied 4 goals (9 points), which helped keep his price down, yet he still has to potential to easily double that in the Bruins remaining 19 regular season games.

Stafford is also no stranger to the Atlantic Division having played nine seasons with the Buffalo Sabres. Ironically, the Boston Bruins are the team he’s played against the most in his career (48 games), putting up 29 points (14 G, 15 A) in those games.

Bruins fans should be happy with this move. No major assets were traded, the long term plan is still in tact, and Stafford can legitimately contribute if the fit is as good as it seems on paper. It’s just a shame the B’s will have to unretire Tomas Kaberle’s #12.

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