After getting robbed of the MVP award at the World Cup of Hockey back in September the only thing standing between Brad Marchand and an NHL MVP award this season is the jar of Vaseline and a Sidney Crosby centerfold that’s in every Canadian hockey media members bedroom.

They’d never let it happen even if Marchand is deserving. And he is.

Marchand now has 35 goals on the season, just two shy of his career-high 37 he scored last year. He’s rattled off 18 goals in the last 19 games which also includes 12 G’s in Bruce Cassidy’s first 14 games as Bruins head coach. There just aren’t enough sports clichés to describe how valuable Marchand is to this Bruins team.

Look no further than last night to see why he makes the numbers he’s putting up even more MVP worthy. He’s doing it all amidst a tightly contested playoff race with his team fighting for every single point every night. Last night the Bruins entered the third period trailing the bottom feeding Vancouver Canucks 3-2. They could not afford to start the current 4-game road trip with a loss. So what does their elite sniper do? He comes out and makes a star power statement by peeling off a hat trick in the final frame to lock up a 6-3 B’s win. That’s what MVP’s do.

Again, I don’t think Marchand will win the MVP award. He’s surrounded by household brand names who are also very deserving of a nomination. And much like the crusty old baseball writers it’ll be pretty hard for hockey media to look beyond their man crushes and old ways to select #63. Which is too bad. Because Brad Marchand is proving now that he may be the most valuable player in an NHL full of stars.

Marchand and the Bruins will take on fellow scoring race participant Connor McDavid in Edmonton on Thursday night. But first the B’s must face the Calgary Flames on Wednesday.

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