There you have it, folks. The moment you’ve been waiting for since June 24, 2016. That was the day the Bruins selected Charlie McAvoy in the 1st round, 14th overall, in the NHL Entry Draft. Are we happy now? Yes. Good.

Now relax.

As we all know by now McAvoy projects to be top level talent. He’s clutch, physical, a great passer, all packaged in the gift wrapping of a potential power play wizard. But with his arrival in Providence all I ask is that you let kid figure it out without losing your mind.

Rookies make mistakes. Rookies learn. Rookies usually hit a wall at some point in their first full pro season. And some, like Zach Werenski, flourish with after a touch of AHL seasoning. Whatever it’s going to be for Chuckie Mac let’s all relax and enjoy it. It may take a bit of time. Or it may not.

I think if the Bruins were in a different situation, like the basement dwelling Canucks are with Brock Boeser, then maybe McAvoy would be in the lineup ASAP. Also, due to his age McAvoy doesn’t have that 9-game window before burning one year of his new NHL deal. One game for the Big B’s and he burns a year. I’d be very surprised to see him cracking the B’s lineup before the end of regular season even if they’d happily welcome some defensive help.

As pumped as I am for McAvoy to be turning pro I just don’t know if I can handle some of the neanderthal’s in Bruins fandom ripping the kid if the learning curve takes a bit to flatten out. 

Don’t mistake that sentiment as some one with low expectations. I do expect him to make some waves. But I’m not going to freak out if it doesn’t happen at a pace we dreamed about. You shouldn’t either. Because whether it’s sooner or later it will pan out for the kid.

So have a few beers and relax. Be happy we have him. It’s been awhile since a Bruins blue line looked this promising.

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