Does it get any cooler than this? What a perfect way to honor a man who racked up 3,300 career penalty minutes making his living the hard way.

To this day Bob Probert is still one of my all-time favorite players. At 6’3″ and 235 pounds he was vicious, could lead, wore a perfect hockey number (24), and even picked up a couple 20-goal seasons along the way in his NHL career. He was dangerously bad ass and such a cool MF-er to a kid like me growing up watching that perfect era of late 80’s through early 90’s NHL.

The only bummer as a hockey fan was that Probert wasn’t part of that incredible late 90’s back-to-back Stanley Cup winning group with the Detroit Red Wings. He parted ways with Wings via free agency after a motorcycle accident where he was under the influence and then some. The Chicago Blackhawks picked him up that summer instead, thus Probert narrowly missed being part of that Wings run.

But for all of his demons and battles on and off the ice throughout his career it’s only fitting that as the Joe closes it doors for good Probert’s ashes are right there with it.

I wasn’t a Red Wings fan growing up but #24 made me stop and watch every time. And I loved every second of it. He’ll always be a Wing and this bittersweet act by his family cements that legacy even more.

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