You’d think denying Alex Burrows a Stanley Cup in 2011 would trump the hatred of seeing him celebrate a first round victory six seasons later but it doesn’t. He must have been salivating at the thought of chewing on all those chubby middle fingers waving in his ugly mug. God I can’t stand that guy.

But props to his forgettable and uninspiring Ottawa Senators. Thanks to a bad David Pastrnak penalty the Sens were able to pump home their third, yes third, overtime power play goal on a Clarke MacArthur rebound finish. 

The Bruins lost all three of their home games in the series.

We’ll save all of our season review and “what’s next for the Bruins?” takes for this coming week. For now let’s just bullet point the takeaways from this final game/series:

  • “Unfortunately for the Bruins the Sens should win this series in six. They’ve pretty much held true to their ways all season and have owned the B’s.” – My series prediction. I’m not proud of it but I nailed it. Sens in 6. My heart thought B’s in 7 was a possibility. And it almost was. However the reason Sens in 6 seemed obvious was very simple; an injury decimated Bruins blue line would affect special teams, puck movement, and stability. There weren’t the timely power play goals needed, and right calls or not the penalty kill failed in OT. Add in a lack of scoring depth and it was a fatal dose for the B’s. 
  • One thing I couldn’t have predicted was the officiating. I’ve never felt in the NHL, a flow sport with quirky bounces, that refs are ever to blame for losses until this series. But the stripes put their bondage fetish on public display the way they handcuffed the Bruins. Not just because the calls were so bad, but also because the B’s didn’t have the personnel to survive shit call after shit call. I am honestly very concerned about the direction the league is going with video review and maintaining consistency. I’m not convinced they can fix it or even care to. They can’t even fix their shitty website and streaming service.
  • Tuukka Rask should have silenced every critic out there by now. With the Providence Bruins playing in front of him he carried this team to within one overtime shot of winning multiple times. He did his part and then some, absolutely holding the B’s in it as long as he could. Tuukka’s performance is a huge positive to take away from this post season. He’s legit.
  • The FIVE delay of game penalties the B’s took was absurd. You couldn’t even script something like that and sell it as believable it was that ridiculous. By the time Colin Miller committed the third consecutive one in the first period Sunday I just started laughing out loud all by myself. Just a bizarre twist to a weird series.
  • This playoff experience was something David Pastrnak needed sooner than later. He managed a couple goals but also had some struggles. It was perfect learning moments for a guy the Bruins will lean on in the coming years. It’s better he took the dumb season ending penalty in OT rather than a ham and egger that’s going to be gone this summer. He’ll benefit from this greatly and so will the B’s.
  • Patrice Bergeron showed up in an elimination game. I even wrote yesterday that he would score, which he did when he tucked home the game tying goal in the third period. He narrowly missed a goal in the first period as well on a high stick side attempt from the slot. And of course his 71.4% success rate in the face off circle wasn’t bad either. 
  • Brad Marchand was not himself. Maybe we’ll hear about some undisclosed injury in the coming days but after his regular season ending nut shot suspension he just wasn’t the same. When he’s rolling he chirps and plays like a man who has to tuck it in his sock he’s that big. This series he seemed frustrated. The Bruins rely on his scoring so much that Big Game Brad’s cold streak had a crippling effect on the outcome of the series.
  • I bet a lot of people were instantly thinking, “Jimmy Hayes is finally gone”, before MacArthur’s OT winner even hit the back of the net.
  • Charlie McAvoy was the biggest success story of the post season for the Bruins. Everything is going to be all right with him back there turning into your #1 d-man for years to come. You just don’t get players like that very often. And don’t forget last summer three defenseman were drafted before McAvoy was plucked by the B’s with the #14 overall pick. That’s everlasting Hamill-over-Couture nightmare fuel for a couple other NHL franchises.
  • Bruce Cassidy went with Matt Beleskey over Ryan Spooner to fill the open roster spot left by an injured David Krejci in a must win playoff game. Then he only gave Beleskey 6:34 of ice time. I’m not sure what that says about Spooner’s future with the Bruins but it’s not a good look. Meanwhile Beleskey has become Martin LaPointe 2.0 and played himself into an off-season salary dump trade to any team that needs his contract to help hit the cap floor (Arizona?). 
  • Kevan Miller quietly had a good series to add to a great rebound season. No he’s not going to wow you or be a top pairing guy but he did a nice job while logging some heavy duty minutes in moments most feel are beyond his job description. People should like what they saw. He was good and dependable.
  • Props to Joe Morrow as well. Throughout his career he’s been utilized less than a snowblower in August and he held his own when called upon in round one. I often wonder where he’d be at developmentally if he got a regular shift over the past couple identity issue plagued seasons the B’s organization created for themselves.
  • The future is brighter in Boston going forward. They weren’t going to win the Cup this year (OR WERE THEY??!!) and they’ve built a real nice pipeline of young talent pumping skilled kids into the system very soon. Winning this series would have been playing with house money going forward but don’t lose sleep over it. Better days are ahead.

Lastly, I want to say we here at Boston Pucks, Nick and myself, had a blast blogging for you this season and tweeting with you guys. We just do this shit for fun because we love hockey. You guys make it even more fun. We really do appreciate your interaction, comments, and readership. And if you like what you see give us a retweet. At the end of the day we write about a game adults play and we try to make it as entertaining as possible. So thank you for following us and sharing us with your friends and hockey fans.

Now we’ve got plenty of offseason content to get to. The fun is just getting started. 

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