Have a day, ESPN! Just take every great hockey analyst and legit reporter you have right in the middle of the NHL playoffs and fire their ass. Brilliant!

You think this guy is nervous?Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009 -- Bristol, CT -- ESPN NHL analyst Barry MelroseThis shitty story reminds me why I tuned out ESPN TV (not local radio affiliates, I like those guys) years ago. They don’t give a shit about anyone, especially hockey, and the programming sucks. I think we can all safely assume Goodell and LeBron were behind this today.

Luckily for all of those affected by this news a kick ass brewery in Connecticut, 30 Mile Brewing (@30MileBrewingCo), is easing the pain of everyone affected by the mass axing at ESPN with FREE BEER:

If you’re one of the laid off employees in Connecticut just grab your friends, head to Old Saybrook where the brewery is located, and they will set you up with all the free nectar of the gods you can handle. Oh, and the owner is a Bruins season ticket holder. The hockey angle of this story didn’t slip by him. He gets it.

So pick yourself up off the ground ESPN stomped you on and go get day drunk on the finest craft beer out there. For free. Do it for yourself. Do it for hockey. Do it for the children.

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