Well that does it. With those four simple “I hate the Canadiens” words Bruce Cassidy just became the greatest head coach in the history of the Boston Bruins. 

This morning the B’s new HC made a 9am appearance on 98.5 The Sports Hub “Toucher & Rich Show” and the coach killed it. He bluntly declared he hates the Habs with every fiber of his guts and gave spot on assessments of his club in refreshing fashion. He was honest, sincere, and straight forward while still showing his light conversational touch. It was a fantastic interview.

This is in sharp contrast to what we have been used to from the PR wizards that are the Bruins management team. Remember Peter “Look Mike, I don’t known what you want me to say…” Chiarelli? He was downright painful to listen to. And speaking of painful, back in February Bruins President Cam Neely called doing on air interviews “painful”. Painful? The goddamn face of the organization can’t handle an interview with his own local media? So sorry to bother you guys for some sort of insight just once a year. 

The Bruins have perpetually given defensive, disinterested, and uninformative interviews going on a decade now. Until today. Leave it to the coach who’s had the job officially for all of 48 hours to already publicly knock it out of the park with 15 minutes of confident and refreshing “I got this shit” banter.

In case you missed the interview I’ve included it below. You’ll hear everything from Claude talk, the Spooner situation, Charlie McAvoy and the excitement of the young kids on the way, and more. 

Now they just need to have Brucey on every week. 

Full interview here: http://cbsloc.al/2ppgTGE

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