This is awesome. I was hoping for this last year when the draft class talent pool was much deeper but this will do. Chaos. Pandemonium. Heartbreak. So great.

The top 3 teams, Colorado (18%), Vancouver (12.1%), and Las Vegas (10.3%), with the best odds to win the NHL Draft Lottery all finished outside the top 3. 

Their replacements were New Jersey (8.5%), grabbing the 1st overall pick with the 5th best odds, Philadelphia (2.2%) launching to moon to grab the 2nd overall pick with the 13th best odds, and Dallas with the 8th best odds (5.8%) jumps to the 3rd pick.

This is absolutely crushing for the Colorado Avalanche. They couldn’t have had a shittier season and now they don’t even get a top 3 pick in the draft for their pain and suffering. It’s not expected to be a franchise altering draft in terms of the talent that will be available, but still, a 1st overall pick is a real good player. The Avalanche will now pick 4th instead.

The second “loser”, for the second straight year, were the Vancouver Canucks. They dropped from #2 to #5. Last year they dropped from #3 to #5. Is this worse than when they lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final on home ice? No. But they can thank the hated Oilers to their north for being such an embarrassment for so long that Edmonton’s string of making 1st overall picks an annual rite of passage lead to the lottery format being used to determine draft positions today. 

As for Las Vegas, I don’t feel bad for them one bit. They haven’t played a game yet, they’ll build a decent roster through the expansion draft, and they’ll probably still pump Vancouver every time they play them too. 

Going forward I hope we get more fireworks from the NHL draft lottery like this. It’s anti-tanking and I always like my sports to have upsets if I don’t have a horse in the race. And I won’t for some time because I imagine Charlie McAvoy will keep the Bruins out of the lottery by leading the B’s to at least five straight Stanley Cups to start his career.

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