First of all, get Sergei Bobrovsky’s name out of your head. There is no way in hell he sniffs this trophy because Canadian hockey writers are officially in the biggest hockey porn pickle of their lives.

Normally they’re so boned up over anything Sidney Crosby that any praise or award they can give him (see World Cup of Hockey MVP and last years Conn Smythe) they happily hand to him with a waistband tuck. This time around their new man love, #97, is getting in the way.

Yes, Connor McDavid is a Hart Trophy finalist alongside Sidney Crosby too. That’s such a tough decision north of the border it’s like asking Pierre McGuire which of the two would he rather sleep with. How do you choose?

Simple; the hot young one. Connor McDavid. He’s perpetually on fire, he’s a human highlight reel, he led the league in scoring (100 points), and he’s more valuable to his franchise. The Oilers were a fucking joke without him. He’s the true MVP. As great as Sid is he’s also on the defending (and soon to be repeating unless McDavid has something to say about it) Stanley Cup champions. His team is loaded.

Unfortunately, I think the media’s Peyton Manning-level Sid love is actually so deep they’ll still give him MVP with the lame excuse that “McDavid will get his, but it’s not time yet”. Like it’s a ride he has to wait his turn for because #87 is still on it. Anything to give it to Sid. 

This is why I should have the only vote. Logic and stability would return to the NHL. Everything would be perfect. Just go with the hot young one. He deserves it.

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