NHL playoff hockey is the best form of entertainment on the planet. Throw a Game 7 into that statement and your head is likely to explode. Unfortunately this postseason we haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying a winner-take-all game yet. But last night the Edmonton Oilers and Anaheim Ducks answered our hockey prayers. We’re getting a Game 7 on Wednesday. Hold onto your jocks.

As for what to expect in this Game 7, all bets are off. And yes I know that’s as stupid a cliche as I could use but this Ducks/Oilers matchup really has had no rhyme or reason. The Oilers were up 2-0 in the series, then ruined it by blowing multiple three goal leads. Then they followed up an awful Game 5 collapse with a ridiculous 7-1 blowout that saved their season in Game 6. So essentially it’s true that you could flip a coin and be comfortable with picking a winner that way.

To me, the biggest question mark is on the Anaheim Ducks. They’ve been here before with their core players unlike Edmonton. And each of the last four seasons Anaheim has been eliminated in a Game 7 at home. Yes, at home. That’s not exactly clutch. Yet even though Anaheim lost 7-1 last night, putting the wheels in motion for a fifth consecutive home Game 7 failure, they don’t have to look beyond the Oilers own performance in this years post season to see blowouts mean nothing. Edmonton lost Game 4 of the first round to San Jose, 7-0, a couple weeks ago. They immediately followed that up with a 4-3 overtime victory to avenge the Sharks beat down. The Ducks are just as capable of having the same kind of rebound performance.

So who do I pick to win this one? Well, that’s a two part question. I want Anaheim to win out of some stupid sympathy I have for them. I want the Ducks to end this Game 7 chokefest tradition they’ve got going on. So I’m pulling for them. But as a degenerate gambler pick to win, I’m all Edmonton. They were my western conference pick to get the Final. I just don’t trust laying my bucks the Ducks. The Oilers are too young and dumb to understand what they’re doing so they’ll just win. That’s where my money is going while my heart will stay firmly planted in sunny southern California.

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