“If this thing fails again in D.C., as it appears it will, then you can expect the Caps to blow up this roster like Captain Dan’s legs.” – Me, after Pens/Caps Game 4 

Here we are again. As sure as spring comes, the sun rises, and water remains wet, the Capitals fail to get out of the second round of the playoffs. They had another remarkable regular season full of accolades and blowout victories but when the chips were down they choked again. Choked hard.

Braden Holtby was average at best (.885 SV%) while Marc-Andre Fleury pitched a Game 7 shutout. Add in Ovechkin’s brutal performance and you can see why when push came to shove the Pens simply wanted it more and had the talent to get it done (again).

Pittsburgh will now advance to the Eastern Conference Final against the Ottawa Karlsson’s whom the Pens should pump in five games but who knows at this point. Everyone is waiting for the boring Sens to fail yet they keeping boring everyone to death and advancing. 

Meanwhile, the Capitals will be on suicide watch for the next month or so.

As I also said in my previous blog “aside from the salary the job offers I’m glad I’m not the general manager of the Capitals. There are some tough decisions to be made this summer.” Their free agents will surely be ready to pack their shit and now you have to wonder if Ovi is gone too after his horrendous showing in Game 7. It’s absolutely a possibility management feels his role in this whole rodeo in D.C. has run it’s course. We shall see. 

However, out on the west coast…

It’s party time, baby. Quack, quack, quack! The Ducks won their HUGE Game 7 to avoid losing their fifth straight such game and officially curb stomped the monkey on their backs. And I don’t know why but I’m happy to see it. I like Getzlaf, Perry, Rakell, and Gibson and crew (minus Kesler) and sometimes it’s nice when the “they just can’t win” narratives end. This one was deserving for the Ducks.

But give the Oilers credit, this was the first Game 7 for their young naive core (first for the franchise since the ’06 Cup Final) and they had a 1-0 lead halfway through it. And they most certainly will have more kicks at the can in the future with Connor McDavid driving the bus. The only thing that can derail their ascension to glory is Peter Chiarelli. He’ll want to pay every fourth line ham n’ egger like Lucic and he’ll need a sponsor and meetings to keep his addiction to trading lottery picks at bay. The stars are aligned for him to ruin this rather than manage it properly. 

Now we prep for a Preds/Ducks-Pens/Sens conference final. And as a true Bruins fan who cares about kids, here’s to P.K. Subban’s quest to bring the Cup back to the children’s hospital in Montreal this summer. It’d really warm my heart to see that.

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