Holy shit, boys. What the fuck was that? I’ve seen thumb wars have more bite and snarl. Maybe next time skip the foreplay and get right to it.

Last night when Subban and Malkin decided to tickle each other I had the two tv system going. I was playing EA’s NHL17 online on one and watching the Preds/Pens Game 2 on the other. As soon as the “fight” broke out I shouted because for better or worse my EA NHL teammate is a Habs a fan. He needed to know his buddy P.K. was fighting. But my brief excitement immediately became uncontrollable laugher. And although my teammate missed the fight live I assured him he missed nothing.

Fast forward to post game and we now have Subban guaranteeing a Game 3 victory:

That’s exactly the kind of confidence you want to see from a guy who just won one of the bloodiest bear hug matches of all-time. 

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