First things first; hats off to Steve Yzerman. He didn’t cave in to Drouin’s theatrics when he stomped his feet and took his ball home last year when Stevie Y coulda dumped #27 off somewhere on the side of the road for whatever he could get. He stuck to his guns and now ends up with a top prospect D and a second round pick in return. Well done. A stud GM to say the least.

As for the Habs I’d say they did well considering the price. Drouin has a deadly shot, is a fantastic payer, and seems to continually improve with each and every game. He will certainly add a lot of the offense they’ve been in search of.

My only concerns with this deal for the Habs is that they used their best trade chip on a winger and not the natural center they really need. And with Carey Price and Alex Radulov asking for Ocean’s Eleven money I’m wondering what moves Bergevin has up his sleeve to make that work with Drouin’s six-year, $33 million extension. Maybe this?:

Toss in the fact that I hate seeing highly regarded young defenseman (remember Ryan McDonough, Montreal?) sent packing for scoring on the wing. Those true top pairing guys are hard to get. Sure, Drouin will be sexy as hell in Montreal but I can’t say the Habs needs have been met with the price they paid to get him. Who will be the next blue liner up when they take Markov out to the pasture or when injuries add up? And who is playing center?

I guess we’ll find out, won’t we? Because something tells me Bergevin will be busy over the next 72 hours after making this “win now” type of deal. 

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