Not going to lie, I still haven’t completely warmed to the “Golden” Knights name yet. I’m loving the NHL in Vegas, I think it’s fantastic, I’m just not on board with the “gold” label for a team located in The Silver State. It seems a bit forced. My guess is they will eventually drop Golden from their name much like the Ducks became “Mighty”-less in 2006 after thirteen years of existence.

But as for these Golden Knights jerseys that were just revealed? They have multiple personality disorder. They’re trying too hard again by now forcing the grey (silver) on a gold team. Which is it going to be?

Yellow, red, black, with grey being the featured color? The kiddos may find these cute and neat but grey has never worked as the main color of an NHL jersey. These have a better chance working as Burger King uniforms.

If Vegas were thinking correctly they would have gone with a solid black and added a nice thin trim of gold and red. Basically, a rip off of the vintage Canuck’s jerseys. This would have put them on another level of the NHL attire game:

Even something along the lines of the San Jose darks would work too:

But they couldn’t resist going with the modern Arizona Coyote 2.0 pattern rather than a kick ass classic hockey look:

Poor decision.

So I’ll give the Golden Knights dark jersey’s a C- just because I’m a nice guy and I feel sorry that this had to happen. As for the white’s? They get a sympathy C.

Sorry. There are far better patterns out there to go by than the current Coyotes jerseys. These are brutal. Clean it up.

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