Love it. Love this deal. The wrecking ball Acciari is locked up for two more years on the cheap and gets a deserved one-way deal. He proved he could hang and bang with the best of depth forwards in his role and got a nice pay day for it. I’d like to think his production will increase as he becomes a healthy full time NHLer.

Thankfully Sweeney didn’t go full-Chiarelli with this Acciari signing and hand out something like a three-year, $2 million contract. We know all too well how those golden parachutes handcuffed the B’s when the likes of Rich Peverley and Chris Kelly cashed their lottery winnings.

Now that the Bruins first re-signing chip has fallen fans continue to wait for the announcement of a David Pastrnak contract extension. Both sides have likely been close on the terms and are focused more on the fine print at this point. But at least today’s Acciari deal is a good start for Don Sweeney in solidifying a reliable bottom six group without breaking the bank on a deserving player.

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