Do you want to know why the Bruins and David Pastrnak have not come to an agreement? It’s Peter Chiarelli.

Let me ask you another question. Why would David Pastrnak sign a new contract while it’s rumored that Connor McDavid is going to sign an 8-year contract with an AAV near $13.25 million, thus inflating fellow Oiler Leon Draisaitl’s new deal to new levels of stupidity? Thanks, Pete!

Now look, you cannot compare David Pastrnak to the generational talent of McDavid. It’s not realistic. In my opinion McDavid is already better than Sidney Crosby and is the best player in the world. That, and he’s a thousand times more likeable than Sid. McDavid should absolutely make more than Pastrnak and by a large amount.

But again, something like a $13.25 million McDavid cap hit is going to make Chiarelli think the 8×8 deal to give Draisaitl makes sense. It doesn’t.

I do not mind that McDavid is going to sign a blockbuster deal. He is the best player and he should be paid like it. But it’s got Draisaitl going off the rails on a crazy train:


If Peter Chiarelli is dumb enough, and he most certainly is, to give this type of contract to Draisaitl he should be fired on the spot.

It will cripple the Oil cap. There is no way they will be able to have a balanced team to compete for a Stanley cup when they have two players taking up $22.25 million of say a stagnant $77 million salary cap. And let’s not forget about Lucic, who must know where Chiarelli has bodies buried, and his ridiculous deal lumped into that mess. I am going to assume the cap will also continue to struggle to increase without a player voted escalator every year. Maybe it goes up another $2 million next year? Maybe?

And what has Draisaitl done to deserve a $9 million per year deal? Nothing. Draisaitl’s true contractual comparisons are essentially the same comparisons as a true Pastrnak deal in my opinion. They’re like a Mark Scheifele ($6.125 million cap hit), Artemi Panarin ($6 million cap hit), Nathan MacKinnon ($6.3 million cap hit), Johnny Gaudreau ($6.75 million cap hit), Sean Monahan ($6.375 million cap hit), and at the very high end Vladimir Tarasenko ($7.5 million cap hit) deal. Those were all deals to those players coming out of their entry level contracts just like Draisaitl and Pastrnak.

But I don’t blame Pastrnak if he waits until Draisaitl to sign. Then he could go back to the Bruins and say, “look at what Draisaitl just signed for. That’s the new bar”. But holy hell, if Peter Chiarelli signs Draisaitl for more than the players mentioned above he will screw the Bruins negotiations, if he already hasn’t, if Pastrnak has not signed. I would also assume the league and its owners will be pissed too.

If Draisaitl gets $8-9 million what does Patrik Laine get when his ELC is up, and what would that do to Winnipeg who operate as a budget team? What does Auston Matthews get?

Not only will Peter screw the Bruins but he will screw the rest of the league. It would drive up the price for “star” type potential coming out of their ELC’s that may or may not be deserving of astronomical deals.

And you can bet your ass that the owners will try to cap those type of contracts when the current CBA expires and the mandatory lockout collide in 2022. All because Chiarelli just can’t help himself from doing this kind of shit.

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