It’s Friday. I haven’t blogged in a couple weeks because there hasn’t been shit going on in the NHL this time of year. And I just spent the evening pounding some beers with my dad. Today is his 80th birthday. 

So I get home from my pops party, open up my Twitter machine, and there is my boy Tyler Seguin at Fenway Park. Probably sucking down $18 pints and having a grand ol’ time beating off the bunnies with a stick. 

And then came the sudden realization that Tyler Seguin is now the only piece of the Tyler Seguin trade that’s actually in Boston.

The guys he was traded for? Long gone. Vancouver, Montreal, Dorchester, and every other place with a hockey rink that Pierre McGuire could ever name has a player there that the Bruins once traded Seguin for. But Mr. Seguin himself? Why, he’s riding the third base line at a Fenway in Boston tonight. 


That’s all I got for blogging material right now. But I’m 100% positive that when Seguin sent that tweet from Fenway tonight he knew what he was doing. And I don’t blame him. Hell if I were him I’d have headed straight to the Garden and snapped a selfie, shotgunning a pounder, next to the Orr statue just to cap it off. 

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